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Coaching while walking

Join me for a walk while we talk. Lets enjoy nature while we talk about Your life.

We will meet up in Särö or Vallda for a 2 hours long session, all about You.

This session is only available to former clients or students who attend or have attended any of my courses/workshops during the years.

Email me to book a session or ask a question.

Life Coaching While Walking

You are more than welcome with any kinds of problems. Maybe you need help to sort out a difficult life situation, handle grief, a separation, a childhood that put marks in your psyche and your soul, an emptiness you don't understand or a carrier change. Maybe you want to focus on understanding yourself better and grow as a person or get help to see where you are going in life. Together we focus on You, preferably on a regular basis every or every second week.

110 min: 1 200 SEK incl VAT

Meetup place: Särö or Vallda

Email me to book your appointment


You can cancel your package/single appointment by email 48 hours prior to your appointment.  Later cancellation will be charged with 100% of the fee. If you buy a package, you need to book your appointments during your first session or before your first session.

If you need to cancel, you can rebook if I have another time available. If you have bought a package and you need to cancel one appointment, you can only rebook if I have an appointment available. I will do everything I can for you to rebook, but I can not promise this is possible. If not, you will loose that session. You are always welcome to change a live session to a phone session if you get ill or are out of town, but you will not get back the money difference in case you cancel. If I get ill, I will make sure you will get another appointment that suits you.

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