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International Inspirational & Motivational Speaker

I speak in both Swedish & English. The topics can be combined and adjusted to the specific audience. I speak mostly in business settings; kick-offs and conferences, but feel free to contact me for other events. I have worked for many years as a stand-up comedian in business settings and created shows for kick-offs so all the topics can be created as a 1-3 hrs motivational speak, a longer course, a show with tap dance and music for a kick-off/conference or as an educational longer course for your business. If you have another idea, please contact me. I love to create something new..!


When I was 16 I became ill in two chronically and serious rheumatical diseases and I soon ended up in a wheelchair. Not until I had lost everything, the love of my life, the strength of my body, my dreams and my identity as "The Strong Young Woman Who Can Achieve Everything", I gave up. And when I gave up, I finally hit the bottom. As you hit the bottom, you find another kind of strength, the strength that comes from within. This strength has got nothing to do with achievement or power, it is instead pure and innocent, true and authentic and it gives you access to something much more precious! That true joy and happiness that comes from an authentic source and you realize that when you open yourself up to those dark feelings and experiences, light comes in!

Let's discover that joy together in a show that includes both music and tap dance, saddness, hope and laughter! Let's find out how we can discover the adventures of life and don't taking life so seriously!


What is the meaning of life?

Few people are aware of how much wonderful knowledge the world's philosophers have to give us and how much more empowering their words are than modern days clichées and "5-steps-to-a-better-life" programs. I love to make the great philosophers' thoughts simple and reach for those aha-moments that truly not only give my audience knowledge, but also lessons that can change their lives. As we discuss the depth of life, we become aware of how the questions we are dealing with today, questions we think are a part of today's society, are just a part of being human. There is no other topic that engages and creates such aha-moments, totally applicable to our unique and individual situations! Let's find out what it is to be human and how to find the meaning of life!


How do we come to that place where we love ourselves enough to live our lives without punishing ourselves? How do we truly reach that point of acceptance where we can be satisfied and happy with who we are, and have time and energy to truly enjoy this life? It's both exhausting and time consuming to put that much emphasise on self hatred and self doubt. We need to love, accept and focus on much more enriching things in life?
In this talk, we discuss and focus on how we can empower ourselves and become authentic without reaching for all the clichées we are surrounded by in our daily lives. There is much more power in living a more authentic life where we focus on who we truly are and what really matters. By using my own experiences and the experiences of all my clients, we wake each other up. Let's focus on Life... and YOU! Let's empower ourselves in a way that gives a more long-lasting feeling than platituedes and clichées!


How do we communicate empathetically? Can we solve conflicts that seem stuck? Is it possible to work out problems in our relationships in the business setting and in our private life? How do we approach the Other in a way that let me see the human being behind my prejudices?

Here we discuss the art of communication and the essence of authentic and healthy relationships during an interactive workshop or an inspirational talk. By drawing from examples from my work as a mediator in business settings and couples councellor, we reflect together on how to create sustainable relationships in our lives.

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