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My Bio

Since 1997, I have worked as an international inspirational speaker and taught thousands of people worldwide how to regain their zest of life, be who they are and thrive in the process. I love to see my audience and students blossom, find freedom and the childish joy we all have inside of us and gain lots of knowledge in the process. I love philosophy and I have studied at the University my whole adult life. Since 2009 I have been studying advanced Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Gothenburg. There is an enormous treasure in Philosophy, Psychology, Social Anthropology and Religious Studies that we can use to understand Life and why we are here; to feel the meaning of our unique lives. I love to give this beautiful treasure in a simple form adjusted to all audiences no matter background. Life in modern life has in many ways lost it's authenticity and we can find great relief and much joy in sharing our life stories, but also in learning some useful insights brought to us from the world's great geniuses...



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